Survey Shows Developers are Confident in Native

 A few weeks ago Facebook’s Mark Zukerburg openly admitted that focusing too much on HTML5 was a mistake, and that the company will now be all-in on native development. Now, a recent survey as covered by Ryan King of Gigaom, shows that developers strongly agree. In fact, two-thirds of developers believe that Facebook in its current state could get pushed aside by a startup with a mobile-first focus.

But that’s not all the study found. The study also showed that developers are not happy with HTML5:

“The developers also expressed their disappointment with many of the features in HTML5. Developers said they were neutral to disappointed with HTML5′s monetization (83.4 percent), security (81.8 percent), fragmentation (75.4 percent), performance (72.4 percent), timeliness of updates (67.9 percent), user experience (62 percent) and distribution control (60.3 percent). Developers were only positive on HTML5′s cross-development capabilities (83.4 percent) and immediate updates (81.8 percent).”

It looks like HTML5 is becoming more of a burden than an “easy to build and maintain” app type. So what does the future hold? The study also mentioned that developers predict by 2015 they’ll be writing a lot of mobile apps for devices even beyond smartphones and tablets. Some of their predictions included native apps for televisions, cars, game consoles, Google Glass, and foldable screens. If the native-focus continues to grow , and the places native apps exist continues to grow; we may be moving towards a native-reliant world.

What are your thoughts on the native vs. HTML5 debate? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.


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