BlackBerry Goes Black on the iPhone 5’s Big Day

BlackBerry has been hanging on by a thread in the mobile industry, and reports this morning show things are only getting worse. The company experienced a major outage today – affecting BBM, email and Internet. Users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa have reported these issues. Natasha Lomas in TechCrunch outlines the irony of this incident:

“A network outage has struck BlackBerry users in the EMEA region this morning — on, irony of ironies, iPhone 5 launch day — affecting BBM, email and internet but not voice or text. Fall is a troublesome season for the company which experienced the largest outage in its network’s history last October, causing then co-CEO Mike Lazaridis to appear on YouTube in person to present an excruciating autocue apology for letting customers down.”

After the outage last year, the company promised to take necessary steps to identify the root cause of the crash. The best way to perform root cause analysis is to put the system through in-the-wild functional testing to see if the outage was caused by a bug, and then to load test for any bottle necks. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that BlackBerry put its network through the necessary tests.

However, the system has restored much faster than the outage last fall. The services have since been restored, and are now operating normally according to BlackBerry.


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