The iOS 6 Bugs Roll In

From what I’ve heard, iOS 6 is a nice upgrade over its predecessor. A few complaints about the absence of Google Maps here and there, but that’s about it. Well, the list of complaints looks to be growing, as several users have complained about an odd Wi-Fi bug in the new operating system.

Here’s TechCrucnh with the details:

Here’s what the basic pattern seems to be: The WiFi works all right at first, but then you’re eventually booted off. If you try to get on again, it looks like you’ve connected, but then you’re redirected to a login/404 page on the Apple website. Someone named “tylerc” on Twitter offers this explanation: “Turns out iOS checks … to make sure WiFi doesn’t require login, but that page was 404′ing, so, disaster. Crazy!”

When I checked this out myself, I noticed that I had been disconnected from the TechCrunch office WiFi, but once I got on again, I didn’t have any problems. TechCrunch’s Drew Olanoff had a similar experience. It also looks like the Apple page in question is up again, so the issue may be resolved. I’ve also emailed Apple in the off chance that they respond.

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