Functional Bugs Prove Costly for eBay

While overlooking app testing can cost companies their reputation – for large enterprises it can cost large sums of money, as well. eBay’s mobile app aims at selling items, but to do so you need to log-in. Sounds easy enough, but not when a functional bug within your native app goes unnoticed making it impossible for users to log into their accounts.

This is exactly what occurred last week when several eBay glitches occurred. In fact, the glitches were so bad that eBay had to recall the new version of their application. According to Ina Steiner of EcommerceBytes:

“…when you’re eBay and you’re predicting shoppers to purchase $10 billion in goods from your site via mobile devices this year, glitches can be costly, and that’s a lesson eBay learned [last] week.

eBay had to recall a new version of its mobile app that it released on [last] Wednesday and replace it with version 1.8. Over on Google Play, the ‘iTunes’ for Android phones, users were complaining that the mobile app would not let them log in to their accounts and they were leaving 1-star reviews for the eBay app.”

When an app is recalled like that, many customers often drop off in fear of other bugs looming within the application. However, eBay responded quickly and issued an apology on Thursday stating that any problems were resolved.

The most common excuse companies use when overlooking testing is “I’d rather not spend the money” or “I don’t have time”. Investing in functional testing pays off quickly, and can actually save you large sums of money and time that you would have spent patching up bugs and errors (never mind trying to get your customers back).

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