The Ultimate Test for Mobile Payments

Mobile payments seem to be where we’re headed, but I don’t know anyone who makes more than 5% of their purchases through their phone. I don’t know Wired writer Christina Bonnington personally, but I do know that she’s prepared to use nothing but her smartphone to make purchases over the next month. How do I know this? She told me so on Take a look:

Here are The Rules I’ll be playing by. They’re pretty simple

  • Cash, check, credit cards, or debit cards are not allowed for monetary transactions. Period.
  • That means I will make purchases only through NFC (Google Wallet), PayPal, or other purely electronic or mobile payments. Apps and websites that store and use my credit card number for transactions are OK; anything that requires the swiping of a credit card is not. Apps and services that let you store a particular dollar amount that purchases are deducted from are OK.
  • I will not ask friends, family, or coworkers to buy things for me because my payment modes aren’t accepted.
  • Paper or plastic coupons and passes are not allowed for transactions. This includes things like printed coupons at the grocery store, paper movie tickets, and my plastic Muni bus pass.
  • Paper or plastic ID is not allowed. I will be taking a photo of my ID to carry on my smartphone. If I get carded, this will have to suffice.
  • I will live my life just as I normally would. I will not unnecessarily adjust my social or purchasing behaviors, other than what’s required by the change in payment mode, and will not “prep” for the month, such as going out of my way to stock the pantry or fill up on gas. (Honestly, I’m far too lazy to do that anyway.)
  • I will generally still be carrying at least one card and my physical ID on me as normal, just in case of some sort of crazy emergency. And by “emergency,” I mean hospitalization, a car accident, etc., not “I got carded and now I can’t go to this bar.”
  • I will not be ditching my house keys.

Think she’ll make it?

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