Apple Working to Improve Usability of iOS 6 Maps

iOS 6 will be available this Wednesday for download, and the new OS brings features that will greatly improve the iPhone user experience. However, iOS 6 has taken a step back with Apple’s own maps application.

Google worked long and hard to make Google Maps a quality app. Apple is late to the game, so it makes sense that the maps application isn’t up to speed yet.

As Darrell Etherington explains in TechCrunch:

Maps will be something Apple users aren’t used to: a significant backslide in a core element of a product that people have come to understand how to use naturally and without much thought. It’s not insignificant – it changes fundamentally the process of getting directions, especially for those who use public transit, and not for the better. Using Yelp for points of interest is good, but still doesn’t feel quite up to the level of searching for places in Google Maps.

Ultimately making the move to its own maps solution will probably end up as a win for consumers. Competition between the two products will drive innovation on both sides, so Android users should also benefit, and Apple will ultimately build a product that feels at home on a device where it currently comes across as a bit of a stranger. Turn-by-turn navigation is a hugely welcome addition, and one that Android users have had for a while now. There have also already been a whole lot of improvements made to the product since Apple’s first iOS 6 beta release, so the company is clearly working hard to raise the bar.”

It seems that the maps app contains some usability issues. The app should center on ease of use and familiarity, as it is a major change for the company. It is a good sign that the application has seen improvements since beta release, and perhaps with a bit more testing the app will be on par.

Are you looking forward to Apple Maps – or are you worried the switch will be too much of a hassle? Let us know in the comments section.





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