Important iPhone 5 Features for Developers and Testers

iPhone 5Enough with rumors, the iPhone 5 is finally here! Here’s a list of what it includes (so you can stop speculating).

  • 4 inch retina display: That’s half an inch bigger than the 4S. The resolution has also been up-ed from 960×640 to 1136×640. Apple is boasting a clearer picture because there are fewer screen layers. “Instead of a separate layer of touch electrodes between display pixels, the pixels do double duty — acting as touch-sensing electrodes while displaying the image at the same time,” according to Mobile app developers are going to want to keep these screen changes in mind and test their apps on the new iPhone to make sure everything still looks good.
  • A6 chip: Reported to be twice as fast as the A5 chip in the 4S, the A6 chip will boost CPU and graphics performance and incrase battery life (when used with iOS6).
  • LTE Connection: Apple took the chips traditionally associated with LTE access (one for voice, one for data) and combined them into one super chip.
  • Camera: According to the specs, the iPhone 5’s camera isn’t any different than the 4S camera. But Apple is talking about a panorama feature that let’s users shoot a full 240 degrees. The new iPhone also reportedly increases photo capture by 40% and performs better in low light situations.
  • More mics and better speakers: This handset features three microphones – on the front, back and bottom. It also apparently has improved speakers, but there isn’t much press on that.
  • iOS6: The new platform has already been covered, but I wanted to put it here as a reminder. This is, afterall, one of the biggest aspects testers and developers are going to encounter with the iPhone5.

(Since this blog is about app testing I focused on the features that will have a direct impact on developers and, in turn, on testers. So there are other new features, like the Lightening connector and new Micro-Sim card, that didn’t get mentioned in the post.)

Thanks to TechCrunch and Apple for the information!

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