The iPhone 5 is Coming to Siri-ously Rescue Apple Users

Has your Siri app been “having a bit of trouble lately”? It seems that Apple’s virtual assistant app was down on Friday. Jordan Crook in a TechCrunch article said it could have been an OS specific problem:

“It would appear that Siri is down. We’ve tested five iPhone 4S models, all of which are running iOS 5.1. One of the iPhones in the TechCrunch office is running iOS 6, and Siri seems to be working fine on the newer OS.

Twitter confirms, and there are some pretty funny tweets coming out of this very serious crisis.”

Siri has been disappointing users since its release. In a post on the In-The-Wild Testing Blog we covered a story showing that the low-tech childhood toy, the Magic 8 Ball, is actually more accurate than Siri who squanders one out of three searches.

While these inaccuracies are frustrating – there is still hope for Apple’s mobile users. The iPhone 5 and iOS 6 are scheduled to be released this Wednesday, September 12th. The iPhone 5 will arrive in stores on the 21st, and the hope is that Siri will be much improved. Many announcements say that Siri will be able to give sports updates, launch apps, and Tweet by voice. However, what users really care about is that the app functions correctly.

Planning on upgrading to the iPhone 5? Let us know what features you are most excited about in the comments section.

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