Survey Says: 42% of Companies Not Testing Mobile Apps

Despite all the press and attention that mobile apps are getting these days, the number of companies actually developing and testing them is surprisingly low. At least according to the SD Times, which is always a great source for facts like this. Here’s one survey question-and-answer from Alan Zeichick. Take a look:

Is your company developing and testing apps for mobile devices?

  • No,  not developing/testing for mobile application development: 42.1%
  • Yes, mobile  software for iPhone/iPad: 36.6%
  • Yes, mobile software for Android devices:  33.2%
  • Yes, mobile software in HTML5: 30.2%
  • Yes, mobile software for  Windows Phone: 22.8%
  • Yes, mobile software for BlackBerry devices:  16.3%
  • Don’t know: 5.4%
  • Yes, software for other devices: 3.5%

What answer would you give for your company? Let us know in the comment section.

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