Top 5 Apps for Taking Better Photos

Photos. You take them and proceed to share them on your social networks, email them, text them, and show them to your friends and family. But nowadays, cameras are almost obsolete. The most popular way to capture a moment is to snap away on your mobile device. However, there are better ways to take photos than just using your phone’s built in camera application. Here are 5 native apps for taking better, more enhanced photos:

  • HDR FX: This app lets you add any of 42 different filters to your photos and recommends certain ones to you.
  • Action Snap: This app is great for taking action shots. It automatically takes between 4-9 pictures depending on what you prefer. You can also set a timer.
  • Camera+: This app features a 6x zoom, and lets you add filters, borders, effects and more.
  • Diptic: Diptic lets you select multiple pictures and turn them into a collage.
  • Instagram: Most of us use it and love it – but if you don’t have it, Instagram is a social network app for sharing your photos and adjusting filters.

What’s your favorite photo app? Share with us in the comments section.

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