Mobile Testing Must-Have: Moms

Mojiava Mom StatsIf you’re testing your e-tail app in-the-wild (you should be!) be sure you have some mom testers in the mix because connected moms are putting up some huge numbers in the mobile shopping arena. A new study by Mojiava (a mobile ad company) and Distmo found that moms spend more time with their smart devices than with any other type of media. And e-tail apps are some of their favorites. Here’s a breakdown of the study and some of the most interesting findings, from TechCrunch:

Moms are heavily engaged with their tablets and phones. One third own a connected device. They spend 6.1 hours per day on average on their smartphones – that’s more than magazines, TV or radio, to put it in perspective. 62% use shopping apps and 46% took action after seeing a mobile ads. This an active, active group of users to target here. …

The really interesting numbers here are the engagement levels. Even moms without smartphones spend 2.5 hours on average per day on mobile. One-third of moms own a connected device (a non-smartphone). Of these, 9.8% own an iPad, 9.5% own a Kindle and 5.7% own an iPod Touch. And they like to shop from their tablet, too. In surveying 1,500 tablet-owning moms, 97% made a purchase using their tablet in the last month. That’s huge. 31% log more than 10 hours per week on their tablet but log less than 2 hours on their PCs. …

Plus, 62% of connected moms report using a shopping app, and 46% say they want to receive info on their mobile device while in a store.

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So if you’re developing or testing a new app, make sure it’s mom-friendly.

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