10 of the Worst Mobile Phone Commercials, Ever

Despite the ever-growing popularity of mobile devices, smartphone-makers have generated their fair share of bad commercials. A recent USwitch article pulled the top 10 lamest smartphone commercials to-date. Here are some of the highlights:

iOS 6 Ads Starring Samuel L Jackson and Zooey Deschanel:

“Much criticized for over-selling Siri, the ads, which marked the first time that Apple employed Hollywood stars to tout their products, feel like nothing but a pretty cheap attempt to use celebrity as a smokescreen for the app’s shortcomings.”

Pulse One Cellphone:

“This ad for the Pulse One car-phone, which aired in the US and features those familiar static shots, threadbare production values and hammy acting, is cut from the same cloth.”

Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 iSheep ads:

“Although aired pretty much exclusively in the US, these spots for the Galaxy Note got picked up by tech blogs worldwide after they took a series of potshots at Apple. Or rather the pretentions of the kind of iPhone owners who describe themselves as creatives but actually work as baristas.”

Tom Baker BT Cellnet ad:

“Rather, it’s just the depressing fact that a venerable thesp like Baker accepted the advertising shilling at all.”

Sony Xperia Play:

“The ad fails because it’s actually kind of repulsive to watch. And once again there’s no sign of the product at all. Although given how badly the concept of the Play was realized, what with its shoddy build quality and lame game pad, we’re not surprised.”

FaceTime iPhone 4 Ads:

“What it didn’t make terribly apparent was that you needed a Wi-Fi connection to do so and that using 3G was a no-no, meaning that calls were only possible within fairly narrow parameters. That feels more than a little dishonest.”


Nokia Lumia 800:

“But with shots of wacky office types rowing their way across their workplace and incongruous shots of young ‘uns getting their dance on while doing the ironing, this ends up feeling like a cringey attempt to be down with the kids. It’s what the squarest marketing man imagines ‘cool’ looks like.”


iPhone 3GS ads:

“But its TV spot wherein it seemed like downloading and installing apps took mere microseconds and loading web pages was even quicker really over-egged the pudding.”


See the full list here.  What’s the worst smartphone commercial you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments section.

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