You are Your Own Biggest Security Threat

Worried about having your own personal data hacked? A new study shows that officer workers are well -just terrible at securing their mobile devices. From a lack of passwords, to poor IT departments, these stats are pretty worrisome.

Ricardo Bilton of VentureBeat took a closer look at the study:

Let’s start with the big one: 84 percent of respondents said that they use their phones for both work and personal matters. That might not usually be a problem, but this use is joined by a worrying lack of basic security protocol: 47 percent of respondents say they didn’t have passwords on their phones, which immediately becomes a problem if the devices land in the wrong hands. (Just as bad: 36 percent said they reuse the same password, breaking Password Rule No. 1.)

But we can only blame the workers too much. Fifty-one percent of respondents said that their companies lacked the capability to remotely erase the data on their phones (28 percent said they weren’t sure). That’s a basic feature embedded in a large number of consumer-focused services and apps (including iCloud and Prey), so IT departments have no excuse for not doing so.

Perhaps worse, 49 percent of the survey-takers said that their IT departments had never talked to them about the state of mobile security, which likely explains why the survey’s respondents were so bad at securing their devices.”

Do you find yourself not using passwords – or using your device for both work and personal matters? Let us know your thoughts on this study in the comments section.


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