Testing Challenge: Meet the Stylus and Split Screen

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1As if there weren’t enough different mobile devices (each with their own little intricacy) to test on, Samsung is adding another, totally different device to the mix. The makers of that phone-tablet in-between the Galaxy Note, Samsung is not introducing a stylus and split screen capacity to its newest tablet – a full sized tablet called the Galaxy Note 10.1.

The stylus isn’t too out of left-field, since the original Note has a stylus and plenty of people buy a stylus to use with their tablets anyway. It’s a feature that probably gets at least some testing out in-the-wild.

The bigger of the two features from a testing standpoint is the split screen. This feature lets you view two apps side-by-side. It’s a great concept, but what’s it going to do to the apps? Does the tablet have enough power to simultaneously run two apps and let you interact with both of them? How will the apps look when they shrink to fit into split screen mode? Will developers have to tweak their apps to fit this new feature?

For now it looks like only select apps will be able to function in split screen (according to a video review by the Wall Street Journal). In this light, it’s likely Samsung anticipated these issues and already took care of testing for the apps that will be split screen enabled. It also seems like split screen is playing second fiddle to the stylus, which is getting most of the attention, so it may be a less important feature that Samsung isn’t going to do too much with. It will be interesting to see how well split screen actually performs and if Samsung ever opens it to third party app developers.

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