The Starbucks VS Dunkin Donuts Rivalry Goes Mobile

Most coffee drinkers know the decision-making process well; is today a Starbucks or a Dunkin Donuts day? As of today, despite which coffee chain you choose, the purchasing process is easier than ever. Both coffee chains have gone mobile with mobile payment apps.

The Starbuck’s mobile-payment app is a very popular one, and has been available for years, known as “Starbucks’ Mobile Coffee Card”. The app can find a Starbucks near you, let you pay for your coffee with your app and can access your loyalty and rewards points.

Now, you can also pay for your Dunkin Donuts coffee via mobile app, with the new Dunkin Donuts app for iOS and Android.

Al Sacco on CIO’s Blog says the Dunkin App could be a mobile payment game changer, but might not be 100% in-the-wild-friendly:

“The Dunkin’ apps are notable because Starbucks’ app is one of the few mobile-payment apps that consumers have embraced, and if the Dunkin app is similarly well-received, the two coffee-chains could prove to be significant motivators in the acceptance of mobile payments in general.

One potential problem: Dunkin’ Donuts locations must have the appropriate scanners and systems to process the digital barcode information. The Starbucks mobile app has been available for quite a while, and I still occasionally find locations that do not have the equipment needed to scan the mobile payment app. The Dunkin’ app is brand new, so I can only assume it will take some time for the company, or each franchise, to roll out the scanners.

What are your thoughts on mobile payment apps? Let us know in the comments section.

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