Which OS Crashes More? iOS or Android?

We all know that developers love iOS but it’s interesting to read that, based on a study from earlier this year, iOS crashes MORE than Android per app launch. Of course, iOS 5.0.1 accounts for 28%+ of the total crashes, which certainly skews the numbers.

A few important excerpts to note:

…Many people apparently take their time updating their iPhone software or never update it at all.

…People often don’t update their apps–just as they don’t update their operating system. (Android, unlike iOS, allows users to auto-update their apps, which can eliminate some of the problems.)

The very top Android apps are achieving a crash rate that, at least in this time period, the best iOS apps can’t match.

Interestingly, when we crawled 250,000 apps across iOS and Android we found that the average app store rating for Android and iPhone was 3.58 and 3.56, respectively – nearly identical. The larger gap is that Android users complained more about performance and crashing than iPhone users. Then, in March, we tested the SXSW App across iOS, Android, Windows and RIM and we found that iPhone & iPad had the highest overall scores and the best Application & Performance data.

Does this mean the Forbes article is wrong since we’re undeniable geniuses and we are never wrong? No, but it might mean that people are more willing to forgive iOS for the crashes… or they’re just distracted by the nearly 300% app price premium over Android.

Finally, a couple more related resources:

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  • Follow Chris Munroe, our Dir. Of Sales Engineering on Twitter. He needs the love and shared the Forbes article listed.

Side note: don’t search Google images for “phone crash” after breakfast and/or you’ve turned on parental protection.

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