New Mobile App Saga is Watching You

Imagine a mobile app that could read your mind – providing you with exactly what you were looking for before you asked. This is the methodology for the new virtual assistant Saga, who aims to do what Siri cannot.

Saga knows enough about you, from the activity logged by your phone, to offer up recommendations when it thinks you need them. The new iPhone application, which launched into public beta on Monday, is essentially a mobile app stalker looking to make your life easier.

As covered by Jennifer Van Grove of VentureBeat:

The iPhone application collects data on where you are at all times to build a complete profile of who you are — how old you are, where you work, what you do, where you live, where you’ve been, what you like, and so forth. The data is used in aggregate, matched up against people with similar qualities, to make timely recommendations and suggestions on things you need or may want to do. Saga will suggest the best place to stop for lunch on a road trip, for instance, or remind you to pick up groceries, since the app knows you haven’t been to the store in a week.”

Saga will be storing massive amounts of data on you, and tracking everywhere you go. The app demands 24/7 access to locations services to be able to function, and all this stored data raises some serious privacy concerns.

The company has a commitment to user privacy, but what about security vulnerabilities? Today it is not enough to promise not to sell or give away personal data. That personal data can be easily stolen if the application isn’t thoroughly tested for security risks. While this mobile app sounds interesting, I think security will be Saga’s biggest challenge.

For more information on security testing click here.

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