Oops: Half of Mobile Ad Clicks are Accidental

File this one under the I-had-a-feeling-this-was-true department. According to an informal survey from PaidContent.org, about half of those who click on mobile ads did so by mistake. Sorry advertisers. The reasons for this, as you might have guessed, have less to do with advertisements and more to do with a lack of mobile usability testing. Take a look:

Not surprisingly, the report’s findings show that in-app ads, those which don’t take the user out of the app to a mobile wap site, tend to be more appreciated. As this week’s Gartner forecast showed, download revenues for the mobile app market is growing — this year, developers will generate $15 billion in revenues on downloads of more than 17 billion. The Gartner report also showed that the clear majority of 81 percent of all mobile application store downloads in 2011 will still be free, although the percentage has been declining since 2008.

The real estate of app ads is too small, and it’s too easy to click accidentally,” Lasker said. “If you are a mobile marketer, why would you run a [cost-per-click] campaign? Steve Jobs was right: keep people in the app. The problem with the approach of a lot of mobile advertising is that the old online model has been transferred to the mobile device.”

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