iOS: You’ve Exceeded Your Maximum Number of Apps

Here’s a good fringe use-case bug: It seems that people who install more than 500 apps on their devices (with iOS 6) will experience some serious performance issues. Here’s CNET with the story:

As revealed in a blog by a developer called Mid Atlantic Consulting, iOS 6 users who install more than 500 apps on their device will start to run into slow boots, auto-reboots, and other problems. Install as many as 1,000 apps, and the device won’t boot at all.

How many people actually install more than 500 apps on their iPhone or iPad? That was apparently Apple’s reaction, since the company initially showed little concern about this limitation.

But Mid Atlantic Consulting argued that if the iPhone is expected to replace your phone, portable gaming console, TV remote, and countless other devices, then Apple needs to make sure iOS can handle an unlimited number of apps. The developer even cited a quote by the late Steve Jobs in which he said that the only limit was the number of folders and apps per folder.

It should be noted here that iOS 6 is currently in beta, so we expect this problem to be resolved before the official launch. Still, these are the types of bugs that are always nice to catch early.

This leads us to ask: How many apps do you have on your phone? Let us know in the comments section.

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