Apple Removes One-Star App Reviews in Response to Bug

More than 100 apps including Angry Birds Space, Yahoo! Search, and Meetup were severely affected last week during an Apple App Store attack. In last week’s blog post, I wrote about the corrupt Apple App Store binaries that caused these otherwise functional iOS and Mac applications to immediately crash upon launch, or as soon as users updated to the recent version.

It was not an issue with the apps themselves, it was a problem caused by a bug in the App Store. This was extremely frustrating for developers who invested large amounts of money and time both developing and testing their applications, only to have them crash because of factors outside of their control.

Another lingering problem was the negative reviews that users gave these apps during the attack. Bad app store reviews could ruin the success of an app all together. Users were not aware that the crash was due to outside factors and not the app itself, and many of them rated these apps very poorly. Thankfully, Apple has begun to remove these negative reviews from the apps that were affected.

According to Lex Friedman of MacWorld:

“Sources told Macworld that Apple will be removing one-star app reviews developers earned unfairly because of the company’s server issue.”

Now that the problem has been resolved, developers can release their apps into the Apple App Store without worry and the affected apps reputations will be restored. It is important for developers to remember that these bugs exist and security testing could prevent attacks of this kind.

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