Google Offers All-In-One Mobile App Analytics

Google Mobile App AnalyticsOnce apps hit end users’ hands a lot of little things can go right or wrong. Some things are easy to track – like download numbers and app crashes (because users will certainly review a buggy app). But things like app abandonment or frequency of use are quieter and harder to pinpoint, though they are just as important to an app’s overall success.

Google is looking to shed light onto both the easy and difficult stats with their new mobile analytics tools. Google’s Mobile App Analytics will work just like the company’s other, long-standing online tracking tools and will be able to cull stats for iOS and Android apps. Here’s what users will be able to find out (from TechCrunch):

Product Manager JiaJing Wang says the goal was to create a “holistic app analytics.” While there are other mobile analytics services out there, Wang says none of them really tracks all of the relevant data, so developers end up stitching different services together into a “disparate and taxing experience.”

Wang says Google’s new analytics cover the three main stages of an app’s relationship with users — acquisition and user metrics, engagement, and outcome. When it comes to user acquisition, developers can now track new and active users, and how that breaks down across different app versions, devices, and operating system. On engagement, Google Analytics includes data like usage frequency, engagement flow, and crash reports. Finally, on outcomes, Mobile App Analytics will show conversions (to whatever goal is important to the developer) and in-app purchases.

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Since we’re all about mobile app testing, particularly in-the-wild testing, I’m most excited that this tool will give its users insight into “different app versions, devices, and operating system.” This will be an awesome tool for QA departments! We already know how important it is to test apps across multiple devices and software versions, so maybe these new stats will drive that point home even more.


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