Mastering Mobile Usability

Mobile Usability is importantWhether you’re using a mobile site or a native app, if it doesn’t make sense to you, if it isn’t intuitive, if the flow just feels awkward and wrong, odds are you’ll abandon it and just find a new app. But what’s right or intuitive or “makes sense” can be so subjective how in the world do you go about testing it?

Well, since we do a fair bit of usability testing at uTest, we thought we’d put all the clever tips, tricks and insights we’ve learned into one convenient place. The Keys to Mobile Usability is a free eBook that covers:

  • Common challenges for both native apps and mobile web
  • A special look at hybrid apps
  • The pros and cons of moderated versus unmoderated and survey versus recoded testing
  • What the mobile usability matrix looks like
  • How in-the-wild testing can help make sure your application is usable by your actual end users

But, if you don’t feel like reading, we also have a recorded webinar featuring UX Expert (with more than 10 years of experience) Inge De Bleecker and uTest Product Marketing Manager Stanton Champion giving a great run-down of mobile usability.

If you’re concerned your app is losing users check out the eBook or webinar, because it just might be that your application isn’t that usable. Remember, if your customers can’t use it, then it doesn’t work.

Download The Keys to Mobile Usability now >>>

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