Scam App Invasion

Internet viruses are mostly a worry of the past. In the mobile world, its scam applications that we need to be on the lookout for.

These apps impersonate real apps in the app store, to either steal your money and/or crash your device. A scam application of the “Activator” app appeared in the Apple App Store this week for $0.99.

As covered by Joe White of Mashable:

“…the app, which imitates Ryan Petrich’s free Activator jailbreak package, does not grant that which it outlines in its release notes:

  • How to use multitouch gestures in iPhone/iPod touch
  • How to change the way of accessing IPhone/iPod touch
  • How to assume custom buttons or custom gestures for original buttons

In short, avoid this app! Because it’s an App Store scam.”

Activator isn’t the first scam app. In fact, it is one of many. For example, this past spring a fake Instragram App was released that downloaded malware to Android devices sending background SMS texts to users.

As more scam apps are created, users will become more hesitant to download “just any application” for security reasons. This should remind developers how important security testing is. Security failures can occur for a number of reasons – and with the right tools developers can identify risks before their users are affected. With scam apps on the loose, be sure your app is one that users can trust.

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