KeyFree App Raises Security Concerns

How safe are our different Internet accounts from being hacked? Today we take extra precautions when setting up our login information for applications like Facebook, Twitter or email, through creating strong passwords backed by security questions.

Ogilvy Paris has just developed a new app that disrupts these precautions. According Emma Hutchings of Mashable, the application called KeyFree, logs you in to all of your accounts by unlocking your passwords when your mobile device is next to your computer. The application works on MacOS with Google Chrome and Bluetooth mobile devices.

This is a pretty neat idea, although users are likely to have some big concerns with this app; One being what might happen if a user’s mobile device is stolen, or more importantly, how thoroughly this app was tested for security.

A person’s Internet login information is essentially the “social security number” of the tech world. This KeyFree application will contain and store this private login information, so we assume that it’s been tested for the most common security and privacy vulnerabilities. If not, I’m sure we’ll hear all about it in short order.

Would you put your passwords in the hands of an app like KeyFree? Let us know in the comments section.


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