Mobile Apps Meet TV Sets

Apple TV HomescreenGet ready to add even more screen sizes to your app testing lineup, because Apple TV is rumored to be releasing a SDK and accepting third party apps soon.

Now granted, testing an app for a television set isn’t exactly mobile (not with the size of TVs nowadays anyway) but it’s arguably going to be closer to mobile app testing than to any other type of testing. The Apple TV homepage is already set up similar to the icons on an iDevice and each program launches much like a native app. Besides, the Apple TV device itself (and the account it’s tied to) is portable – which means it can be used on more than one TV, which adds a further need for comprehensive testing.

Usability testing is going to be a big one with these new apps since TVs differ in size so much. Not to mention I assume apps will have to work with the Apple TV remote. My guess is the first third party apps will be content-based apps (like sports or news aggregates) since I imaging games and interactive apps will be difficult with the remote.

What do you think? Will testing apps for the Apple TV be similar to testing for a mobile device? Or will it be closer to its desktop (or laptop) cousin?


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