So That’s Why Facebook Bought Instagram

You had to see this coming: A few weeks after aquriing Instagram for a cool $1 billion, Facebook has released an app for iOS that looks strangly familiar. Here’s Mashable on the launch of Facebook Camera:

Facebook Camera, which is now available in the App Store for free, sincerely improves upon the photo capabilities offered by Facebook’s primary app for iPhone and iPod touch devices.

Like Instagram, your friends’ latest photos are displayed in a single scrolling feed. You can also now simultaneously upload multiple photos to Facebook; Facebook’s main app only allows you to upload photos one at a time. And like Instagram, the app allows you to crop, rotate and apply filters to your photos.

The Camera App is the second mobile app dedicated to one of Facebook’s key features. The first, a dedicated messaging app, was released last April. These apps, we feel, are smart ideas: Facebook simply has too many features and tools to bundle into a single mobile app.

It’s likely more such apps will be released this year. In an address to 200 investors leading up to Facebook’s IPO earlier this month, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that mobile is Facebook’s number-one priority.

It’ll be interesting to see how/when this app is rolled out other platforms like BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone. I suspect more than a few tetsing challneges to surface along the way.

Downloaded the app? Let us know what youi think in the comment section below.

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