Mobile Malware Has Its Best Quarter Ever

And by best, we mean worst. According to the security gurus over at McAfee, mobile malware rose 1200% in Q1 of 2012 . If that doesn’t scare you, then check out this graph!

You might be wondering what could cause such a spike. Here’s a partial explanation:

This quarter’s increase in mobile malware is partly due to the fact that McAfee improved its ability to find these threats, but it still represents a massive increase. The company collected about 8,000 mobile malware samples last month. These threats, as usual, mostly target Android. While Google and other major store have made great strides in keeping malware out of their stores, third-party stores and forums remain a problem. Among the areas of mobile malware that saw major increases in threats was mobile backdoor malware and the always popular premium-rate SMS-sending malware.

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