Get Ready to Test Some Windows Phone Apps

Windows Phone Developers SummitSure, you probably spend most of your testing time with Android and iOS apps, but if Microsoft has its way that will be changing soon. A month from today Microsoft will be hosting a developer summit – just another way the company hopes to encourage mobile app developers to pick up the WP OS. Here’s some details from CNET:

Microsoft is serious about closing the gap separating its Windows Phone application Marketplace from Android’s Google Play and iPhone’s App Store. The San Francisco location couldn’t be a better spot to tap into Silicon Valley’s software-development mojo.

It isn’t that the Redmond giant hasn’t tended its app garden, which it had to restart from scratch after plowing under its previous Windows Mobile platform. In fact, Microsoft has been actively seeking top app shops and independent coders before ever announcing its first Windows phone.

The Windows Phone Marketplace has been seeing steady growth and some big milestones over the past few months. At last count it had 80,000 apps (compared to 30,000 a year ago). And according to CNET, this is likely just the tip of the iceberg.

The steady rise in Windows Phone’s app count isn’t coincidence or luck. It’s Microsoft’s execution of a calculated business plan that acknowledges one of the key hurdles Microsoft must clear in order to break through Android and iOS in the mind of the phone-buying public.

The first step is winning over holdout developers. Microsoft will likely use the summit to recruit coders for Windows Phone 8, which we expect to preview earlier in June. …

With so much at stake, Microsoft’s mobile developer’s summit is surely just the beginning of a larger push to make Windows-born ecosystems cool again, underdog Windows-based phones included.

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The Windows Phone Developer Summit will take place June 21-22 in San Fran.

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