Developers Not Trading Ice Cream Sandwich for Jelly Bean

Jelly BeansTesters, are you excited for Android 5, aka Jelly Bean, that is rumored to be hitting devices this fall? Well, don’t hold your breath, because developers aren’t. According to an article in PCWorld (via InfoWorld), developers are excited about Jelly Bean, but they’re not holding off production or deferring schedules for the new OS version. From PCWorld:

Android developers at this week’s AnDevCon developer conference were too busy dealing with current releases like Android 4 “Ice Cream Sandwich” to stall their development efforts for yet another OS upgrade. “You have to deal with what’s available now,” said Chris Morris, a developer for the Weather Channel.

“Jelly Bean” does sound interesting, said Michael Luongo, a developer specializing in media-sharing application at TechSmith. He’s been building “Ice Cream Sandwich” applications for about six months. “Everybody I think wants to monetize [their application] now,” so news of a possible new Android version isn’t derailing current efforts.

Developers David Mathisen, of Allegiance Software, and Teresa Jiminez Arreola, of France Telecom R&D, had similar sentiments. Neither wants to hold off and wait for Android’s next upgrade. “I want to make sure that everybody can use our app that has an Android phone,” Mathisen said.

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Jelly Bean is rumored to include Chrome browser integration, better enterprise security and better power management. While those features will undoubtedly excited developers when Android 5 is released, they aren’t at the top of mind for the time being. So you’re just going to have to keep snacking on Ice Cream Sandwish, Gingerbread and Honeycomb for a bit longer testers.

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