70% of Companies Planning App within 18 Months

Mobile App BandwagonThe readers of the SD Times (Software Development Times) are probably a fairly good subset of the population to poll when you’re interested in how many companies are buying into the mobile app phenomenon. Well BZ Research (another arm of SD Times’ owner BZ Media) did just that and found that 70% of its respondents planned on having a mobile app within the next 18 months. No word on how many people took part in the survey.

Here’s a few numbers for you:

  • Of those already building apps tablet specific apps are betting out phone-targeted apps 88.1% to 82.3%
  • Apps for e-readers are grabbing the attention of 9.8% of companies
  • Android apps barely beat out iOS at a rate of 63.9% versus 63.6%
  • 1 in 5 companies are developing for Blackberry

The survey was also curious as to why these companies were developing mobile apps. Most of the reasons came down to businesses being more productive. Here’s the most popular reasons (from SD Times):

The biggest motivator for the surveyed audience was to offer mobile access to hosted online services. This was the business driver for 38.4% of respondents, followed by making money by selling apps directly to consumers (36.3%), being mobile to stay competitive (33.2%), and offering mobile versions of desktop software (32.9%). Only 8.7% said that making money from embedded mobile ads was a business driver.

Not surprisingly, the top three challenges reported all had to do with supporting multiple platforms. These other reasons are also keeping developers up at night:

Beyond [cross-platform] issues, the top challenges were designing compelling experiences (34.9%); testing and quality assurance (33.3%); developing apps as quickly as management wants (32.8%); and integrating mobile apps with enterprise data systems (27.7%).

Check out the rest of the SD Times article for some more survey results >>>

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