Side By Side Android Comparisons

Many AndroidsEver wonder just how many different Android supporting phones are out there? With more than one manufacturer it’s hard to keep all the names straight, let alone all their corresponding stats. Well, here’s a few sites to help you get a handle on the Android hardware world.

Wikipedia has a page titled “Comparison of Android Devices” that lists phones from Acer, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, Sony Ericsson and “other manufactures.” For each phone featured the page details its name, release date, Android version, display details, inputs, networks, connectivity, CPU/GPU/Chipset, capacities, camera details and any special features or notes. More than 100 phones are listed. It is Wikipedia though, so don’t consider this an end-all-be-all list. Or, as our Direct of Sales Engineering Chris Monroe (who helpfully pointed out the sites for today’s post), puts it, “I know Wikipedia is not always the most accurate and up to date site [but] the page has an excellent breakdown most if not all devices that support the Android OS.”

The other site Chris came across is actually a lot of fun to play with. Android Phones Arena gives you a device breakdown by year. The main page offers a synopsis of what was going on in the world of Android during a particular year for 2008-2012. Once you select a year you see a nicely laid out chart that includes an image of each device followed by the state of its creation, manufacturer, release date, network, carriers, price, OS version, screen size, screen res, touchscreen and keyboard details, processor, memory, memory slot info, camera details, battery information, color availability, dimensions, weight and whether or not it included Wi-Fi, bluetooth, GPS and  compass capabilities. But what makes this site particularly fun to play around with is the ability to filter the devices not only by year, but by phones that are “available,” “confirmed” or just “rumored.” And as long as the site keeps being updated it’d be the perfect window shopping tool!

So there you go! They may not be perfect collections of all the talked-about, currently available and discontinued Androids out there but these two sites at least give you a good starting point. Have fun!

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