Instagram Users Experiencing Android Fragmentation

By now, nearly everyone has heard THE BIG NEWS about Instagram getting sold to Facebook for a cool $1 billion. You’ve probably also seen the news about Instagram being launched on the Android marketplace, having previously been exclusive to the iPhone. What you may not have┬ánoticed is that it’s Android launch has not gone as smoothly as some might have hoped for – and not because some iOS users are jumping ship. The real reason: fragmentation.

Readers of this blog are quite familiar with the fragmentation of the Android ecosystem (i.e. numerous combinations of devices, operating systems and carriers), which makes bugs incredibly hard to diagnose and fix.

CNET Asia posted a brief summary of a few issues in particular. Take a look:

If you haven’t heard, Instagram, the popular social networking app for sharing pictures, is now available for Android. We tried loading it on HTC’s latest wonder phone, the One X, in order to put its fantastic camera to the test. Unfortunately, as you can see above, the app just doesn’t quite work. In fact, we’re not the only ones who have noticed this.

According to Gotta Be Mobile, Temple Run also suffered from the same issue of not working properly on certain devices. Google’s continued insistence that Android is not fragmented just looks silly at this point, especially when you consider the fact that only 2.9 percent of handsets are running Ice Cream Sandwich. The OS was released late last year.

Comparatively, 80 percent of iOS users are running on iOS 5 or later, according to statistics obtained by Indie developer David Smith.

Other sites, such as, have made note of forced close on the Glaxy Nexus and the Nexus X. I’m sure there are many other similar instances as well.

In any event, as Inram expands its footprint (to Windows Phone perhaps?) it will be interesting to see what approach it takes to testing. Stay tuned.

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