Devs Turned Off By Android Fragmentation

Developers losing interest in AndroidRemember that “deeper look at Android fragmentation” from a few days ago? Well, it’s looking like that fragmentation is beginning to cost Android some developer interest. According to a survey conducted by Appcelerator and IDC during January and February interest in developing for Android is slipping (at least among the 2,200 survey respondents). From TechNewsWorld:

Results show that interest in Android phone app development fell by nearly five percentage points over the past quarter to about 79 percent. Interest in Android tablets fell just over 2 percent to about 66 percent.

Meanwhile, iOS remains the leading platform for devs, with 89 percent of respondents to the survey saying they were very interested in developing for the iPhone and 88 percent wanting to create apps for the iPad. …

“Fragmentation is a major issue for Android, and so is commerce friction,” said Simon Khalaf, president and CEO of Flurry Analytics. “Developers are shying away from [the OS] because of these two [factors].” …

Although iOS remains the leading target for devs and HTML 5 is gaining strength, devs fleeing Android are not necessarily gravitating toward either of these two, Appcelerator’s King stated.

“We didn’t see additional growth in iOS interest, and it’s not towards HTML 5, so perhaps [the movement is] just away from Android,” he speculated. Appcelerator believes that a move away from Android could benefit Windows Phone 7 and floundering BlackBerry maker Research In Motion.

However, Flurry Analytics’ Khalaf believes iOS and Amazon, with its Kindle Fire, will benefit from the developers fleeing Android.

“Amazon has solved fragmentation and doing commerce for Android and is attracting developers, and Appl doesn’t suffer from that [fragmentation] issue,” Khalaf said.

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