Android Instagram Coming Soon (with testing challenges)

The makers – and users – of Instagram are about to get a real-life lesson in cross-platform development. That’s because the popular iPhone application will be released in the Android marketplace “very soon.” This news was made public at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Here are the details via

In a fireside chat Sunday at South by Southwest Interactive, Kevin Systrom showed a glimpse of the upcoming version of the app, which is currently being tested in a private beta. Smartphone photogs who use Google’s mobile platform rejoiced.

The arrival of the new app will end months of frustration for photographers who carry Android devices and can’t participate in Instagram’s white-hot world of social photography. Instagram earned the honor of being Apple’s iPhone app of the year for 2011 and has quickly amassed a tight-knit community of smartphone photographers who enhance their square-shaped images with an array of retro-style filters.

Android phones provide a fundamentally different user experience than iPhones. For example, Android smartphones have either three or four permanent navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen, whereas the iPhone has a single home button, with all other navigation performed within various apps.

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Of course, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the testing challenges that the Instagram team encounters. Should be interesting.


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