Low-End Smartphones Mean More Testing

Some apps require too much memoryThe recent introduction of low-end (cheaper) smartphones has hit a tiny testing snag … not all apps will work on them. Nokia and ZTE have already announced their intentions to make these “low-end” devices that will run Windows Mobile with 256MB of memory and 7X27 processors. But Microsoft recently commented that, as things stand now, 5% of existing Windows Phone apps won’t work with the new, lower system requirements. PCWorld has more info:

The company had identified 5 percent of current apps that won’t run properly on the lower end devices. Earlier in the day a Microsoft executive said there are currently 65,000 apps available in the market.

The company will contact the developers of those apps to advise them of how to make their apps compatible with the new phones, he said. He also wrote that in most cases the apps would be required to use less memory.

Developers of those apps can also decide not to make their app available to the new phones.

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That means that if developers want their apps for work on ALL Windows supported phones they’re going to have to backtrack and rejigger their apps. This means more testing, which means there’s going to be a demand for testers who own these low-end phones. Heads up all you niche testers out there!

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